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  • I need to set up my Direct Debit?
    No problem! Please use the link below to fill out an online Direct Debit form. Any questions please feel free to give us a call. ​01873 776180
  • Am I able to switch networks?
    Of course! If you have an Astra package we can help change you over to any other network within your exisiting contract. If you are providing your own sim you will need to arrange a callout for an engineer to install the sim and reconfigure the system to match the new network. Please note: Some areas may not be eligible with some network providers.
  • I cannot connect to my WiFi?
    You will find the username and password for your WiFi on the bottom of your Wireless Router. These are case sensitive passwords.
  • I can no longer see the WiFi on my device?
    This is often down to one of two things. 1, Check the power to your router. Do you have other lights on still? 2, The WiFi on the router has been disabled. You can re-enable this by pressing the WiFi on/off button on the back of the router.
  • I can't get the WiFi to any other part of the property.
    There are a number of methods you can use to help get Wifi around the property. 1, Powerline adapters (recommended) - If your property is on one ring main (you have one fuse box) then these plugs will use the electrical mains of the property to send it to other parts of the house. 2,Range extenders - These plugs will take WiFI and boost it so its often best put them half way between where you wish to get it to! 3, WiFI Mesh system - A slighty more expensive option, A mesh system will create an uniformed WiFI througout the property allowing for things like printing on an internal network. All of these options can be purchased from our online shop. Any items purchased from here include tech support to aissit you in getting up and running. If you are not sure on the best option for you give our tech team a call. They are always happy to help. 01873 776180
  • I can connect to the WiFi but still have no Internet?
    This will be more than likely down to a Network Fault. You are able to check this using the built in network check found on their website. We have put the links below. EE - THREE - O2 - It could also be an internal error. It may be worth resetting your system back to how it was when it was installed. Please see the FAQ section for 'How do I reset my 4G system?'
  • How do I reset my 4G system?
    Please see the video below for a guide on resetting your system. The video can be paused if needed.
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